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Superb Illustrated Edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the looking glass and what Alice found there

This edition published in 1911 is the first time John Tenniel’s legendary illustrations were printed in colour 

Sadly the original covers are faded and marked as shown in the photos - but the contents are beautiful fresh and clean 

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“I have faith in nights.”

—   Rainer Maria Rilke

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Jewish Museum Show Spotlights 2 Abstract Expressionist Masters Who Were Left Out of Spotlight (Maybe Because They Were Black and Female?)

She was born in 1908 to Russian parents was raised in Brooklyn.

He was born in 1909 to immigrants from Bermuda, and grew up in Harlem.

Lee Krasner and Norman Lewis both studied art in New York, explored Social Realism in their work with the Federal Art Project, and refined their personal abstract language in the ’40s and ’50s. They both developed signature styles that summon classic elements of Abstract Expressionism, playing with gesture and color and line that almost resolves into writing. And both had shows in prestigious New York galleries.

But the two artists, the black man and the Jewish woman best known as Jackson Pollock’s wife, shared another quality: few people wrote about their work.

“A noticeable lack of critical reception” is how Norman Kleeblatt, chief curator at the Jewish Museum, puts it in the catalogue for “From the Margins,” an exhibition featuring paintings the two artists made between 1945 and ‘52.

The show, opening September 12, creates a suggestive painterly conversation, at times articulated in the rhythms of early Modernism, Hebrew and bebop.

And it reminds us that the story of Abstract Expressionism is still being written. 

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Sophia Narrett’s Embroidery Paintings.

Sophia Narrett brilliantly uses embroidery to “paint” her work and the results are quite gorgeous.  Sophia narratives seem to focus on folklore and myth.  See more below!

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Paul Kaptein’s Sculptures.

Paul Kaptein creates wooden sculptures and carvings into reproductions of humanity’s unnatural world to provoke a conversation on the interruptions and disarray that technology has placed upon our society.  See more of the fantastic pieces below:

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“That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.”

—   Walt Whitman

Tracing lines
the curve
of your jaw,
the small of your back.
save for when each breath


Patrick Fisher’s Guitar Drawings & More.

Patrick Fisher (It’s been a few years) has been hard at work creating more and more of his highly detailed, highly stylized illustrations - many of which he draws on guitars, like above.  These guitars are on display in Scottsdale, Arizona at SMoCA.  You can see more of his recent illustrations below as well as more of his guitar work!

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